Glimpses in our classroom

After a summer of building a classroom space, indoors and out, we are pleased to reveal glimpses of the school environment that our children will be exploring and learning in for the next year. 

There are many natural touches including the saltwater fish tank, lovingly donated to us by friends of Humboldt Park Montessori. Our new sea creatures include two clownfish, a tang, an anemone, and 3 hermit crabs. More will join us as the year goes on, but children visiting our class are already asking questions about the fish and their habitat. Daily, the children will help to feed the fish and observe their antics from a quiet space in the reading corner. 

The outside area has had the most transformation, as our families worked and sweated over several work days this summer to create a brand new sandpit, lay mulch, and build a fence. Thank you hard-working families! The children are already thrilled!

School starts in two weeks!